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My name is Nada and my heritage is from Lebanon and Syria but was raised predominantly in London, with a few years spent in the U.S. gaining my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics & Computer Science. After 16 years of banking, I began to feel my creativity coming through and gave up the world of numbers for a world of Colour, Sparkle and Design.

Creating is a passion for me, whether it’s doing the interior of a home or paint on a canvas, it all comes from the same place and the finished product is always a joy for me to look at. I am now looking to bring that same joy through my jewellery designs to anyone who wants more colour and vibrancy in their life. I try to create pieces which are unique and will give you great pleasure every time you wear them.

Whether plated with Gold or Rhodium, the addition of Semi-precious stones and beautiful beads makes the jewellery come to life. Materials are sourced from all over the world and my aim is to always find interesting colours and materials which will make my pieces stand out. I strive to create a collection which is both feminine and modern at the same time and makes you feel that you are wearing something that is one of a kind.

I am always happy to make pieces that are more bespoke should you have your own ideas on mixing my various colours and materials in your own way, so feel free to talk to me about that.

In the meantime, please enjoy browsing and let me know if you have any queries regarding my collection.